Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are the newest sensation in body art, and for good reason. As tattoos have entered into the mainstream, there has been an increase in styles for every type of person, and tattoos applied in the style of watercolor paint – with its subtleties, lavish colors, and transparencies – can do more to adorn a body than detract from it. It takes a delicate artist to be able to do this medium justice, and I’ve found just a few pieces that have really captured the look of watercolor and ink.

Watercolor leg tattoos
Watercolor chest tattoo
Watercolor arm tattoo. Reminds me of melted crayon art…
Watercolor arm tattoo
Watercolor arm tattoo. They made it look like MARKERS. Wow.
Watercolor arm tattoos
Shoulder tattoo. Looks more like acrylics, but definitely similar to watercolors

I found a lot of these on Buzzfeed; they’ve got quite a selection on their website if you want to find more. Also check out Pinterest, and especially my Pinterest page 🙂

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