† Rebekah Slusher †


I was born in 1992 and raised in Tacoma, Washington. Since I can remember, I was interested in art, but was never serious in pursuing it. In 2001, with the release of Spider-Man (I was 9), I was captivated by superheroes and comics – which I had never had experience with – and was inspired to seriously cultivate my talents. I began by tracing comics, and then I started exploring art websites and emulating some of my favorite artists’ styles. From there, I began to develop my own style using graphite, then began painting with acrylics, and have now taken a liking to oil painting (usually on top of acrylics). I also enjoy trying out new techniques or subject-matter as my mood dictates or as I am inspired by things I see.

I was home-schooled until high school by extremely supportive and loving parents, who encouraged my endeavors (and who remain my most devoted fan club). I spent my sophomore year at a local arts high school, then decided to attend Pierce College as a part of the Running Start program for my junior and senior year, where I graduated in Spring 2011.

I have won scholarships, awards, and been featured in numerous shows since beginning my professional career. I am currently an instructor and the manager of Uncorked Canvas (a paint and wine studio) in downtown Tacoma, which allows me time to pursue my passion of art.


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