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This summer has gone by quickly, but a lot has happened. My sister was engaged on 4th of July weekend and married by September 4th (!) with a steampunk themed wedding.

This was my job: 19th century stoicism for every picture. Most of the guests had a lot of trouble keeping a strait face.

Then she moved to Texas where he lives. She’s planning to be there for at least two years…I don’t think I can be away from my best friend for that long πŸ™ But she’s happy, and I guess that makes me happy. I’ll survive off of Skype and holiday visits for a little while and see how that goes. The crying myself to sleep has lessened in the last couple of weeks, so that’s something…

I’ve already sent her an art care-package (along with the many useful household items my mother sent). I don’t think either one of us realized how much of my crap she borrowed until she had to return it all. My pj’s used to fit in the same drawers as my socks, for instance. Before she left she snuck into my room when I wouldn’t notice the mass of toe warmers in her arms and put them back. My pj’s no longer fit. At all. I kept buying socks to replace missing ones. Apparently I have WAY too many now. There’s something seriously wrong with that. Anyways, my care package was filled with inks and pointed pens/nibs that I had always collected and Abby never needed to buy for herself. And Abilene, TX (where there are “more churches than restaurants”) doesn’t have an art store. No surprises there. But it really is fun to be her dealer; I ship the tools to feed her art addiction and I’m okay with that.

I’ve been working two jobs; one is teaching painting classes at Uncorked Canvas and the other is working all weekend as a docent at a local museum. The latter was a summer position that lasted longer than expected; it ended on the 25th, and I finally have my weekends for sleeping in again and actually spending time with my dad on his off days. Since I have yet to get a job that will be replacing the museum job, I’ve decided that I will be treating my art like a job (…which it is). Honestly, I’ve been slacking on my daily practice (a lot). So my week days will start early and end near 5, the whole day consisting of practicing and building a portfolio. I’ll be working around the house when I need a break. I hope to have something to show in time for Christmas. Maybe prints for purchase. I’ll keep you updated.

Besides work this summer, 4 pieces of art were completed, accepted and shown in the Western Washington Fair (no awards worth mentioning).


A slightly edited version of this one.
It was already framed when the fair came around so I tossed it in πŸ˜› Graphite.
And this new painting. It was in the calligraphy division, but I obviously got carried away with the illustration (They don't have a book illustration division. Curious...). This isn't a great image of it; I didn't take the time to get the lighting set up correctly. But you get the idea πŸ™‚ Watercolor and micron pens. (mostly size .005).

Two pieces of art were accepted in to B2 (pronounced “B-squared”) gallery, a local downtown venue, for one of their exhibits. The show opened up on October 8th and will be continuing to show until the 29th of this month. If you were unable to make it, here one of the pieces:


Oils over acrylics (you can find the sketch for it in my "Sketchbook"). Called "The Hidden." The story is up for interpretation (let me know what you come up with!). This one was also included in the fair.

There was a drawing that was included in the show but I just realized that I don’t have a photo of it (not that I can find, anyways). Don’t ever do that, people – if the drawing is lost or damaged then you’ve lost all records!

The exhibit it called Beyond Crayons and Finger painting 2.0, and is “a month long, all youth art exhibition exploring and celebrating the artistry of global youth. Original works by youth ages 7-19 representing countries around the world.” My being 18 means that I can still exhibit there this year and the next. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the work by other artists my age and younger, as well as artists from Australia, Japan, and South Africa. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes (as well as having my work in a gallery!).

The couple who run the gallery are also extremely nice and welcoming people and have become intrinsic in setting Tacoma on its way to become an artsy city. Their website and definitely worth checking out since they’re offering a wide variety of workshops and interviews with professional artists. Their goal is to help new and budding artists learn the ins-and-outs of working in the industry. Their work is definitely worth following and becoming a supporter of. /End plug

They framed all 75 pieces themselves (oh my!), and are offering prints as they’re ordered (come make me some money! ;])

And here are some random sketches and pieces that I’ve been working recently:

Just a doodle that I'm going to rework soon. Acrylic and sharpie
Mom brought home cool-toned Prismacolor markers and so I draw a vampire. Probably 30 minutes worth of doodling.

Something I put aside for a while but need to pick up and finish. Based on a drawing you can find in my sketchbook. Still got a lot of work to be done. Oils.
Doodle that I did when I bought sumi ink (something I've never tried before). I've really enjoyed the medium. Gotta work on technique, but it's really fun to mess with.
I hope you can tell who it is by now. There's more info to come on this guy shortly. Graphite.


I’ve got more sketches, but none that are quite presentable. But with my plan for working daily you’ll be seeing more out of me πŸ™‚

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