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We’re starting out pretty easy. I had begun the 15-Day Drawing Challenge, courtesy of Amanda Wright (Wit & Whistle), about 5 days ago. So I’m on #6, “A Word.” I posted a page out of my sketchbook from a couple of the first ones below. This one is due on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4th.

#15DayDrawingChallenge – THE CHALLENGE! Draw these things: 1. a pattern 2. an animal 3. your favorite thing to wear 4. something you found on the ground outside 5. recipe instructions 6. a word 7. an insect 8. a cross section 9. an animal doing something only humans can do 10. something in a jar 11. a diagram 12. something you’re afraid of 13. a plant 14. your favorite food 15. something microscopic

I found it on Pinterest, and you can follow my personal Pinterest page HERE. You’ll probably be seeing most of my photo inspiration being pinned before I post them here 😉


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Tree Sketches

Little 5×7″ watercolor sketches that I created while on vacation. Pinterest is a great place for finding reference images…

Trees - Watercolor

New Art Projects

NEW – Watercolor Summer Special


In addition to my current special on fabulous acrylic on canvas portraits [link], I’m starting an special on watercolor portraits [link]!

This sale is also more than 50% off of regular price, and will be ending SOON. So hurry up and reserve your commission before someone else does, because supply is quite limited 🙂

One example to show so far, more coming soon!

5x7" Watercolor Portrait Example
5×7″ Watercolor Portrait Example

Buy It Now!

For more watercolor pieces, check out my Gallery [link].

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Summer Portrait Special!

I currently have a huge sale on custom acrylic commissions going on now (more than 50% off) and through August 16th. It’s definitely a wonderful way to have a piece made especially for you or your loved ones 🙂

Check out the details and more examples here: SUMMER SPECIAL

AND 20% OFF of regular commissions if you order before August 9th! Check it out: here.


New Art Projects

Blackberries WIP

Because I always enjoy seeing step-by-step processes of art pieces, I’ve been taking pictures throughout the process of my most recent watercolors.

First up: Blackberries

Supplies: 140 lb. Arches cold-press paper, pencil, watercolors, Q-tips (to lift paint), and probably a bit of Doc Martin’s Bleed-Proof White (for highlights of berries)

1. Wash of background colors and tracing with graphite/carbon paper


2. Complete stems


3. Begin work on berries and leaves; skipping around while each element dries. I’ve also added some branches in the background to add more depth to the image.



4. Continue to slowly build up berries and leaves, being careful not to over-paint any portion while it’s drying.





My work area during the final stages of the painting.


The completed painting:

Blackberries watermark SM


And now that you’ve scrolled through all of that, here’s a time-lapse video. Ooo, so fancy.

New Art Projects

New Christmas cards coming soon!

I’m teaming up with Abby Young for new Christmas cards this year, so keep your eye out after Thanksgiving when I plan to be releasing them 🙂

Don’t forget what an awesome gift personalized artwork is. Commissions open, and price list HERE.

In the meantime, here’s an art piece I created this summer:

Aedos Fan
Aedos’ Fan – Watercolors and ink on watercolor paper

I have a Behance page now, too, and you can check out some progression shots HERE.

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WILD – painting

WILD – acrylic on canvas, approx 5×3′. 2/8/2013
Will be getting a better picture of it soon.

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Here’s an acrylic sketch for an upcoming piece:

And here’s a little doodle I finally put some finishing touches on:

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Something You Haven’t Seen Yet:

Here’s a book cover that I had done as a favor (something I don’t recommend on ANY level, even if the commissioner is your bestest friends in the whole world):

Acrylics on watercolor paper, approx 18×24

The author of The Veil Wars never got back in touch with me concerning this piece, so I can assume he didn’t care for it and doesn’t want it. So you guys get to see it! I had stopped working on it in anticipation of hearing back from him, so it’s incomplete. But I might as well stick it up here since I don’t see me ever picking it up again. And look! I can do contemporary soldiers, too!

Regardless of its never being used, this was still a valuable experience in trying to meet the expectations of a client that I’ve never met before (who also lives across the country). Hearing his requests, sharing reference images, drawing sketches and getting feedback on them, then diving into creating an illustration that could more than likely be rejected. It was definitely a valuable experience, if not a waste of some stressful days.

This Summer’s New Paintings:

Besides that, I had forgotten to share my latest time-lapse watercolor piece on here:

This is a long one, but it’s also a very detailed painting. You can jump around and skip the areas that get tedious.

Here’s the painting:

Watercolor, gouache, and white ink on watercolor paper. Approx 22×30

This one was FUN to work on. It’s appeared in one show this summer already (won Honorable Mention), and I’m still waiting to see if it makes it into the Beyond Crayons and Fingerpainting show at B2 Gallery (it’s my last year to of being young enough to enter!). It is currently hanging at my studio/workplace gallery, Uncorked Canvas, which is literally right upstairs from B2 since this August.

Here’s another little watercolor I messed around with (my first attempt on 300 lb watercolor paper, which is actually quite a chore to work with!):

I’m Unprofessional:

Otherwise, I can say that I have been very unproductive this summer. With school being over, I suddenly don’t have the day-to-day lectures that used to give me a huge amount of time to draw during. I realized after sitting through a meeting this last week, wherein I started drawing feverishly in my sketchpad, that my productivity had been entirely dependent on boredom (plus, I concentrate better during boring lectures when I’m absent-mindedly scribbling). My passion for art has not diminished, but I’ve lost the daily habitual time and place to create, and I haven’t formed new habits for creating yet. Which is really the definition of an unprofessional artist.

When I start creating, the passion is enkindled and I can create and imagine new pieces like no one’s business. But, if I put off feeding that passion for too long, that imagination and ability to create diminishes. “Discipline will set you free,” is a quote by a musical artist that has really stuck with me. That, and the knowledge that inspiration begets inspiration. You don’t run out of imagination or exhaust your skill, but instead, the more you create, the more you are capable of creating. Those truths, realized through experience, have really struck me recently.

Professional artists are scheduled, and know that self-discipline is the only way to success. I can’t remember where exactly I read the article that says it, but one of the traits of an unprofessional artist is the habit of waiting for inspiration to strike before sitting down to draw something, which is the endless, unproductive circle that I’m stuck in right now. I can say, after taking a long break from creating any major pieces, that the fear of failure is actually holding me back, too (and the longer I wait, the more I’m sure of failure). I’ve never had that problem, and I didn’t realize what the issue was before now. And fear of any kind is the lamest reason to put off succeeding or growing as a person or professional. So screw that! I welcome failure! If growth must come at the cost of losing a few pieces of paper and a couple of ounces of paint, then bring it on! Because the step that comes directly beyond that failed piece of art is a lesson in how not to fail the next time.

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Time-Lapse Paintings

I recently bought a new adorable little video camera which is capable of creating time-lapse films. So, being inspired by numerous Youtube clips of people actually recording their watercolor work, I thought I’d have a go at it.

My first set up was simple but I didn’t have the angles quite right. I did succeed in getting some of the bugs hammered out of filming and editing. Attempt 1:

Then, in order to try out this setup (directly over my drawing table):

Yes, that is my tripod hooked to my ceiling.

I completed this VERY quick speedpaint:

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Here’s a batch of commissions that I just got through, mostly for the Valentine’s Day special from February (which you can find through my Facebook page). I don’t think there was anyone who purchased this deal with the intention of giving it as a V-day gift, which I thought was amusing. But here are most of them!

John and Mary A. Mary's gift to her husband for their anniversary.
Linda L.'s grandkids (a gift for their mother's birthday). Aren't these kids ADORABLE?
Zach the cat for Suzanne G.
Ruger for Suzanne G. He has one blue eye and one brown, so that's why his eyes look off-balance (I love it!)

Each of these are roughly 9×12 inches and are done entirely in graphite. They were all so much fun! It was a great experience and a wonderful way to practice 🙂

I still have at least one commission in the works, but it’s for a friend who needs photos of her pets taken first. So that still needs coordinating.

Evin L. commissioned by Liza B. Watercolor and ink with gold paint.

This one was for Liza’s choir instructor (which is why he’s standing like a conductor); he loves blue and stained glass. Liza – and the rest of the choir – are planning to present it to him after their final concert of this quarter. I think that it’s safe to post here in the meantime…I don’t think he’s a frequenter of this page…

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New Projects, New Equipment, New Job, and a Little Life (Only If There’s Time)

With how often I have to postpone coffee dates, I think we can safely assume that there’s no time for life. So now that we’ve got that nonesense out of the way, let’s move on with reality.

New Projects

The first thing worth mentioning is this NETT (New Emergence of Tacoma Talent) that I started with my friend, Lydia, and B2 Gallery (who showed my work last October). You can find the info on Facebook (you’ll have to search for “NETT”; I can’t seem to make embedded links work on here…). It’s a gathering of artists for critiquing, sharing, getting people into galleries, general work time, etc. The first gathering was  a big success and loads of fun. If you’re in the general area, you have got to stop by. It’s going to be a monthly meeting with a Saturday morning every two weeks dedicated entirely to critiquing and working on projects. Uber-fun. We’re also doing “challenges” to keep each-other motivated to create. This month it’s five sketches/drawings and one completed piece of art with the inspiration, “Communication.” I need to get that done…

I have started a project with my sister – we’re sharing the WordPress site, SlushBucket – where we’re doing an exchange where we create a piece of art with the same medium on the same size of paper. We ended up keeping a shared element in the drawing, too. Here’s a preview of my half of the first exchange:

As you can see, it was Bic Ballpoint challenge 🙂 8×10 inches each. So! Once I get her half of it in the mail I’ll be able to get a good scan of it and post it. Next challenge: Sumi ink, must contain bones. I’ll keep ya’ll updated.

I’ve been having fun exploring speedpainting videos on YouTube, and came across the work of Agnes Cecile:

It looked like so much fun that I can to make an attempt at stealing her style. I failed utterly at that, but have still had plenty of fun.

And also:

I have a few commissions that were/are going great. I’ll upload all of them in a separate post when they’re all done and received (soon).

“Odd Trio” was purchased, but I offered to finish the drawing before I sent it off to him. So here’s the finished piece (small changes like the right arm finished and stuff):

New Equipment is one of the best websites EVER. No joke. My new equipment includes an AMAZING 17-inch, quad-core HP laptop that actually handle Photoshop like it’s not big deal. It was also a screaming deal. And you know what about blew my mind? I ordered on, like, Saturday night (so they would have shipped Tuesday at the soonest), but by Wednesday, I had my laptop delivered by overnight FedEx (and shipping is always a flat, $5). A couple days later I got a “Your Order Has Been Shipped” e-mail. They beat their own system to get it to me.

My last computer didn’t even have a battery. This one lasts for 4 hours and is beautiful. I named him Jeff. And I love him.

My eyes look weird in this photo because the sky was gray and that makes my eyes very pale. Don’t worry – there is usually pigment in them. Can’t say as much for my skin…

My dad was awesome and bought me a new Wacom (pronounced “Wack-um,” apparently) tablet for Christmas, so that, in addition to Jeff…well, just expect to be seeing a lot of digital collabs between me and my beautiful partner (Jeff is my better, prettier half).

Also! This last weekend I was in Portland (Oregon has no sales tax) and I stopped by Dick Blick (…again, no sales tax), and saw that they had a 20% off sale. I HAD to spend more money and replace my dinky children’s drafting table with THIS:

Pain in the ASS to assemble (thanks for your help, mom!), but oh, so pretty. His name is Wilbur (yeah, I’m bringin’ that name back). It’s a flippin’ dream to work on. And, because it’s glass, it can double as a light-table. I love him. Those are new watercolor brushes, too. They are soft and I petted my face with them so much that I think I ruined them with my icky human oils 🙁

New Job

At My Final Wish! Check out and see what the work entails. They just got an office set up for us and it’s only a 25 minute walk from my house. I’ll post some work once I’ve got it finished. More info to come as it develops; it’s a new business 🙂

Still working at Uncorked Canvas in the Harbor. That’s going well as always. Created some new paintings for them that you’ll just have to visit their FB page to see 😉

I’ve also been working with my friend, Liza Brown, on chalkboards for local restaurants. Busy work.

Otherwise, I’m busy with commissions, helping out grandma (and trying to get her into assisted living, which is, apparently, a lot of work), and trying to do these things in a timely fashion (which is a lot of work). But…I’m doing art, so that’s all that matters 🙂

A Little Life

LOL. Surely you jest.

And this has nothing to do with anything: ever have so much to do that you instead spend hours working on a long, involved blog-post? No one? Yeah, I don’t know where I got that…

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Newspaper Review

You can find it here.

So… that’s pretty cool. Or whatever. First time in a newspaper. No biggie.

Oh. And here’s that piece of art that’s also in the show. I found it on another computer.

Graphite on bristol paper. Not a perfect picture of it; the background is completely white. I'll take a better picture when I get it back.
New Art Projects

Shows And New Work

This summer has gone by quickly, but a lot has happened. My sister was engaged on 4th of July weekend and married by September 4th (!) with a steampunk themed wedding.

This was my job: 19th century stoicism for every picture. Most of the guests had a lot of trouble keeping a strait face.

Then she moved to Texas where he lives. She’s planning to be there for at least two years…I don’t think I can be away from my best friend for that long 🙁 But she’s happy, and I guess that makes me happy. I’ll survive off of Skype and holiday visits for a little while and see how that goes. The crying myself to sleep has lessened in the last couple of weeks, so that’s something…

I’ve already sent her an art care-package (along with the many useful household items my mother sent). I don’t think either one of us realized how much of my crap she borrowed until she had to return it all. My pj’s used to fit in the same drawers as my socks, for instance. Before she left she snuck into my room when I wouldn’t notice the mass of toe warmers in her arms and put them back. My pj’s no longer fit. At all. I kept buying socks to replace missing ones. Apparently I have WAY too many now. There’s something seriously wrong with that. Anyways, my care package was filled with inks and pointed pens/nibs that I had always collected and Abby never needed to buy for herself. And Abilene, TX (where there are “more churches than restaurants”) doesn’t have an art store. No surprises there. But it really is fun to be her dealer; I ship the tools to feed her art addiction and I’m okay with that.

I’ve been working two jobs; one is teaching painting classes at Uncorked Canvas and the other is working all weekend as a docent at a local museum. The latter was a summer position that lasted longer than expected; it ended on the 25th, and I finally have my weekends for sleeping in again and actually spending time with my dad on his off days. Since I have yet to get a job that will be replacing the museum job, I’ve decided that I will be treating my art like a job (…which it is). Honestly, I’ve been slacking on my daily practice (a lot). So my week days will start early and end near 5, the whole day consisting of practicing and building a portfolio. I’ll be working around the house when I need a break. I hope to have something to show in time for Christmas. Maybe prints for purchase. I’ll keep you updated.

Besides work this summer, 4 pieces of art were completed, accepted and shown in the Western Washington Fair (no awards worth mentioning).


A slightly edited version of this one.
It was already framed when the fair came around so I tossed it in 😛 Graphite.
And this new painting. It was in the calligraphy division, but I obviously got carried away with the illustration (They don't have a book illustration division. Curious...). This isn't a great image of it; I didn't take the time to get the lighting set up correctly. But you get the idea 🙂 Watercolor and micron pens. (mostly size .005).

Two pieces of art were accepted in to B2 (pronounced “B-squared”) gallery, a local downtown venue, for one of their exhibits. The show opened up on October 8th and will be continuing to show until the 29th of this month. If you were unable to make it, here one of the pieces:


Oils over acrylics (you can find the sketch for it in my "Sketchbook"). Called "The Hidden." The story is up for interpretation (let me know what you come up with!). This one was also included in the fair.

There was a drawing that was included in the show but I just realized that I don’t have a photo of it (not that I can find, anyways). Don’t ever do that, people – if the drawing is lost or damaged then you’ve lost all records!

The exhibit it called Beyond Crayons and Finger painting 2.0, and is “a month long, all youth art exhibition exploring and celebrating the artistry of global youth. Original works by youth ages 7-19 representing countries around the world.” My being 18 means that I can still exhibit there this year and the next. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the work by other artists my age and younger, as well as artists from Australia, Japan, and South Africa. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes (as well as having my work in a gallery!).

The couple who run the gallery are also extremely nice and welcoming people and have become intrinsic in setting Tacoma on its way to become an artsy city. Their website and definitely worth checking out since they’re offering a wide variety of workshops and interviews with professional artists. Their goal is to help new and budding artists learn the ins-and-outs of working in the industry. Their work is definitely worth following and becoming a supporter of. /End plug

They framed all 75 pieces themselves (oh my!), and are offering prints as they’re ordered (come make me some money! ;])

And here are some random sketches and pieces that I’ve been working recently:

Just a doodle that I'm going to rework soon. Acrylic and sharpie
Mom brought home cool-toned Prismacolor markers and so I draw a vampire. Probably 30 minutes worth of doodling.

Something I put aside for a while but need to pick up and finish. Based on a drawing you can find in my sketchbook. Still got a lot of work to be done. Oils.
Doodle that I did when I bought sumi ink (something I've never tried before). I've really enjoyed the medium. Gotta work on technique, but it's really fun to mess with.
I hope you can tell who it is by now. There's more info to come on this guy shortly. Graphite.


I’ve got more sketches, but none that are quite presentable. But with my plan for working daily you’ll be seeing more out of me 🙂

New Art

My Art in TAM

I can now give claim that my art has been displayed in an art museum (before I’m dead, too!). Specifically the Tacoma Art Museum.

So I suppose I should fill you in on the details…

My art professor told us on the last day of class (a Monday) that he had been approached by Pierce’s “Fedex Guy,” and that he wanted a last-minute portrait done of his wife. The coming Friday was their anniversary, and Fedex Guy – Scott, as I later learned – needed something fast. He used to be a painter, he later explained to me over the phone, and he stopped regularly creating art as his life progressed. But his wife, Rosemary, always wished he would paint her. LAST anniversary he bought paints and supplies with the promise of a portrait for their next anniversary. Well…it was that time again and he said, “I need help!”

For her birthday, he had treated her to a trip to Italy (I know, right?), and he sent this photo with the request:

A little bit has been cropped out, but you get the idea. Super cute, huh? So he stopped by on Tuesday to check out my preliminary sketch (bringing chai tea because he is just that awesome of a guy), and loved what I showed him. Wednesday I got started; finished up the detailed drawing, then on Thursday (after studying in the early morning and taking my A&P final in the afternoon) I actually started painting. Friday I woke up early to start on it again, had to leave at 3:30 to take my sister to the airport, then went directly to teach a 7pm class. Got home and started painting at 11, went until 4am (pretty well finished by that time). Saturday was my first day at my new job (working at the Maritime History Museum in Gig Harbor) at 9:30, and I still managed to keep painting before I hurried out the door (I also had to teach a child’s birthday party class at 2 that day, so I think I might have O.D.ed on caffeine…). This is the end result:

And this is where it gets cute. He wanted to surprise her by having her “happen upon it” in the Tacoma Art Museum. He called ahead of time and talked to the manager (or whatever her position was) and she was totally enthusiastic about letting it go up. Saturday I was too busy to help, so my awesome mom took up the gauntlet, went early to get it framed and ran it over to the museum before noon. Worked out like clockwork.

Okay, so it might not have been hung in the gallery, but it totally still counts. Scott and Rosemary loved it and it was a nice challenge for me to finish in 2 solid days worth of work 🙂

And apparently the TAM has these kind of requests quite regularly. My favorite account was when this soldier wanted to propose to his girlfriend before he was shipped out to Afghanistan and organized the whole thing at the museum. He surprised her with 4 paintings; one of them getting married, one with them on their honeymoon, one with them buying a house, and the last with them having children. Then he asked her to share this future with him. Heard anything more romantic? Jeez.

What would he have done if she had said no??? Burned ’em, I guess. Or machine-gunned (yes, a verb) them.

Anyways…that was my first taste of a museum show. I guess my next goal is to make it *slightly* more legit. Haha

Inspiration New Art Projects

Dustbowl Dance

I recently tried my hand at something like Impressionism (whether triumphant or not…) because of an assignment. I was supposed to draw inspiration from a song, so I chose Dustbowl Dance by Mumford & Sons. I feel that there is a really strong narrative that accompanies the lyrics and emotion of the vocalist. In the future I think I’ll try my hand at illustrating this song again, but more in my own style, because Impressionism is not quite how I first imagined it…

I found the process that I went through to create this piece really simple and effective. I had to complete practically the entirety of this oil painting in one day (as I wanted to give it a couple of days to dry). I thought I’d share the steps I went through.

1. I first scribbled out the image I had in mind just to visualize what I was looking for. I then went online to find stock photos. It’s more difficult to find images of men screaming at just the right angle than one might think. My surface is a 24x36inch out-dated poster that my dad brought home from work. They were throwing them away and he thought I might be able to use it. Only one layer of gesso is needed (try sanding the glossy varnish off of the front before applying), and it doesn’t even need to be sanded afterwards.

2. Then I went back to the drawing board (loldon’tlaugh)

I used tan and black charcoal to create a rough layout and value sketch. Finished:

3. At this point I will spray a final (not workable) fixative on the drawing (fixative specifically for charcoal). I believe it needed about 4 layers in order for it to be completely smudge-proof. You need to be able to drag your finger across it without picking up any residue. Remember, if any charcoal lifts into your paint it will muddy your colors and pretty well ruin the vividness of the painting.

4. Then I took brown acrylic and texturized the edges. This means fewer layers of slow-drying oils in order to achieve the dark-brown that I will want later on, as well as allowing me to simply glaze the outside after everything important is complete.

Yes, it looks God-awful. And it will remain God-awful until the very end. The most important thing you can do for yourself as an artist is ignore – or even embrace – that moment (however long it can be) where your work is garbage-worthy. Every piece of art goes through that stage. The moment I began to grow as an artist was the time that I forced myself to finish a drawing in spite of the fact that I wanted to set it aflame. Persevere, slow down, keep your end-goal in sight, and trust your own skills to be able to fix what seems lost .

5. I begin painting. 

At this point I’m still using the photos as my guide. Another important moment in a work of art is the time that you throw away your references and look at the painting instead. You can not keep photos as your guide for the entire piece or you will feel bound to follow them and lose sight of what is best for your art work. Get the guidelines in there and throw your photos away (except for the rare glance).

Yup, still definitely at that God-awful stage. Pressing on…(it is due, after all). I change the second guy’s facial expression because the original one really looked like he was sneezing.

6. This is about how I left it the first day. I forgot to take a picture before hitting the sack, but you get the idea. I had pretty well covered the entire thing and will only need touch-ups the next day.

7. The next day, I changed the far-right guy’s head based on my dad’s advice (which I totally agree with). This is because the other one appeared too “dead,” and didn’t follow the narrative as well. I scrubbed him out with a paper towel and painted in something that seemed more… surrendered. Resigned. The colors in this photo are inaccurate because I had to used my yellowish overhead light.

8. How it appears now (after coming back to it a few times):

You’ll have to forgive the lack of photos nearer the end of completion; when I get in the swing of things I look up from my painting and realize that 5 hours have passed and I’m almost done. But you can see the changes I’ve made between the steps. I hope that that’s helpful enough. I had to set a heater in front of it off-and-on for the next couple of days, and it was nearly dry when I took it in to class.

It was a fun experiment. Impressionism was quite an adjustment to my mindset; you follow your feelings rather than measuring the completeness of a work by how realistic it looks. I began to hold the end of the paintbrush and really let loose, not caring so much about where the brush landed or that it hit exactly where I aimed. I’ve never painted something so color-driven, either. I am inspired by values and contrast. This piece definitely has those elements well-defined, but I only used red and brown and blue for the darkest areas, and let warm tones stand versus cold tones. It was quite an adjustment, and one I was – surprisingly – not adverse to.

Let me know what you think. It’s my first of its kind and I’m curious to see if you think that it’s successful.

(This is just a glimpse of my workspace and supplies, in case you’re curious:

New Art

Graphite Male Nude

Orpheus' Desolation - May 2011

I completed a new drawing exercise – using a reference, of course – of a male nude. I don’t have much to say about it besides the fact that I love the ornate couch in contrast with the figure.

That and the lighting is incredibly dramatic and I love it 😛

It was just accepted into the Pierce College (Steilacoom) student show, if any of y’all are in area while it’s showing. I’ll let you know if I get any money from it…

New Art


Some new things I’ve been working on (i.e. things I’ve been doing during lectures). These are the doodles from my sketchbook. All graphite on bristol paper.

This isn’t quite finished, but it’s close enough. No matter how much this may look like it, this was not actually inspired by Twilight. I don’t mind if you imagine that these are the characters, but they were originally intended to characters from one of my own stories 🙂

My dad and sister (also a sample of simple portrait work I can do from photos or real-life).


Under an hour life-drawing.