PORTRAITS/Figures (1 person/pet with blank/simple background)

Please also read all additional information below price list.

Pencil/Graphite on bristol (example) – Contact me

  • 8×10 inches: $85
  • 9×12 inches: $99
  • 11×14 inches: $125
  • Each additional person = $35

Acrylics on stretched canvas (example) – Contact me

  • 9×12 inches: $95
  • 11×14 inches: $105
  • 16×20 inches: $150
  • 18×24 inches: $185
  • Each additional person = $50

Oils on stretched canvas (example) – Contact me

  • 11×14 inches: $125
  • 16×20 inches: $150
  • 18×24 inches: $200
  • Each additional person: $75

Watercolors on stretched watercolor paper – Contact me

  • 8×10 inches: $85
  • 9×12 inches: $99
  • 11×14 inches: $125
  • 16×20 inches: $200
  • Each additional person: $50


Commission pricing may vary by complexity (at my discretion). If you have questions about pricing or commissions that don’t fit the above options (or you would like to add a background, etc.) please feel free to e-mail me.

If you have a set budget, e-mail that amount with your request and I will be happy to give you a quality product within your price range.

You (the buyer) must cover all packing/shipping fees. If you are in the Tacoma-area, you are welcome to pick up the artwork from my studio.

The most important part of commissions is giving you the best product possible at a reasonable price. If, at any time, you are unhappy with the product, I will make the changes you request (limited to two major changes per commission). Your happiness is my goal, as well as making sure you get a product that you love in the time you request.


The only price difference will come with shipping, which you (the buyer) will have to cover.


Cash, card, Venmo. Whatever is easy for you works for me!


Both parties will sign a contract once the product, pricing, and delivery have been discussed and settled on. This is to ensure that you leave completely happy with your piece of art.

If you are interested in buying pre-existing pieces, please e-mail me.

Here is a sample copy of a the contract you will be e-mailed once you have sent you commission request and the details/timeline have been somewhat finalized: Commissioned Work Agreement Sample

I reserve the right to refuse any commissions (whether for subject-matter, time-frame, etc.).

Here are a few commissions examples:

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