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Here’s a batch of commissions that I just got through, mostly for the Valentine’s Day special from February (which you can find through my Facebook page). I don’t think there was anyone who purchased this deal with the intention of giving it as a V-day gift, which I thought was amusing. But here are most of them!

John and Mary A. Mary's gift to her husband for their anniversary.
Linda L.'s grandkids (a gift for their mother's birthday). Aren't these kids ADORABLE?
Zach the cat for Suzanne G.
Ruger for Suzanne G. He has one blue eye and one brown, so that's why his eyes look off-balance (I love it!)

Each of these are roughly 9×12 inches and are done entirely in graphite. They were all so much fun! It was a great experience and a wonderful way to practice 🙂

I still have at least one commission in the works, but it’s for a friend who needs photos of her pets taken first. So that still needs coordinating.

Evin L. commissioned by Liza B. Watercolor and ink with gold paint.

This one was for Liza’s choir instructor (which is why he’s standing like a conductor); he loves blue and stained glass. Liza – and the rest of the choir – are planning to present it to him after their final concert of this quarter. I think that it’s safe to post here in the meantime…I don’t think he’s a frequenter of this page…

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