I finally took some decent photos of a couple chalkboards that I’ve been doing with/for my friend, Liza Brown (or, at least, finally took them off my phone and stitched them together).

This board is one I did back in December (November?) 2011 for Shenanigans on Ruston Way. Liza did most of the work, I painted the champagne glasses, globes, and the fancy lettering for “Christmas” and “New Year’s Eve.” This board is over 5 ft. tall, so…taller than me.

This was my first chalkboard ever, so it was quite a chore getting used to the material (!).

And then a smaller one that I, unfortunately, don’t have a better picture of. I edited the levels of the photo in the hopes that you could make it out well enough.

Both of these boards have since been erased and painted over, so you can’t see them in person anymore.

A small board I did the illustration for for Moctezuma’s (Tacoma). Working on plastic surface that I did NOT know how to work on. Ended up having to work with only liquid pens and then mixing them while they were still wet. A learning experience, for sure o.o We will also be doing some major and elaborate work for the Mectezuma’s that’s re-opening in Gig Harbor (after being re-built in a new location, too). I hope that I’m able to work on them because they are going to be AWESOME.

And then this board is the latest one that I’ve worked on for the Ram (next door and owned by Shenanigans on Ruston Way).

Initially, the middle logo was not finalized by the designers and we didn’t have it to put on the board. We left a space for it and I returned later to complete it. I did most of the work for just the logos and then the lettering was done by Liza, to begin with. But, unfortunately, when I went to the restaurant to  insert the Rabbit Punch, I had to erase ALL of the lettering (except for two lines of text; see if you can spot them), and then had to redo it all. I stayed a couple hours past what I thought I would have to. I arrived two hours before they opened and when I left there was  huge crowd of people watching me…

The photo is warped slightly because of an inconsistency in the photos I took (and later stitched together); everything is straight in person.

So, because of me having to redo the lettering, the only work of Liza’s that’s left is the header. This my first almost solo board. AND you can actually see this one in the bar at the Ram now.

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